Mixed Quintet

This quintet for clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, bassoon, and piano was composed in 1935. It consists of eight miniature tone poems, all of which are jazz or blues influenced. This is the chamber piece George Gershwin would have written if hed had better training and more imagination. FIRST PUBLICATION.
Bowers was well known as a composer for vaudeville and Broadway reviews in the early twentieth century. This quintet for violin, horn, bassoon, bells, and harp is unique in its instrumentation. There is no indication as to the occasion for which the piece was composed, but it is a charming bit of Americana in waltz form. This is the first publication of the piece.
Diamond wrote this piece in 1936 for clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, viola, and piano. He suppressed the work for over 50 years after hearing a badly-rehearsed premiere. The work was not played again until 1999 and this time the composer was very happy with it and gave his permission for it to be published.
The first of Kohs's Burlescas is scored for flute, clarinet, bassoon, trombone, and timpani. Written in three brief movements.