N.B: Owing to the Yahoo Mega-Hack I cannot access email using any prairiedawgpress.com address. You may still order music through this website, but until further notice any correspondence should be addressed to: bruce.gbur@gmail.com Ain't technology grand? "Going Paperless" is highly overrated!

Prairie Dawg Press is an independent publishing company whose primary focus began with music for bassoon and oboe that has been unjustly neglected or has fallen into the public domain and needed to be made available once again. The company is not restricted to music for these instruments and also offers works for strings, brass, and keyboard in various combinations. We are proud to include works by many American composers and have many first editions by the distinguished hornist and composer Verne Reynolds. The firm's name comes from the faux-Native American nickname "Digs in Library Like Prairie Dawg," bestowed upon founder Bruce Gbur by undergraduates at The University of Georgia in recognition of his ability to unearth obscure yet interesting repertoire.

Mountain Lion Music has been set up to accommodate our composers who are members of B.M.I.

Our editions are printed on high quality paper and are laid out in an attempt to eliminate any awkward page turns for the solo performer. Each piece contains a biographical/historical note including the premiere date and personnel, whenever known. The Prairie Dawg logo was designed by the talented oboist/graphic designer Karen Kubek Harwood. The Mountain Lion logo was designed by Peter Else.

Need an extra score or solo part for contest? Someone in an ensemble lose their part? Prairie Dawg Press/Mountain Lion Music sells extra solo parts, scores, or replacement parts at a reasonable cost. Please contact us directly for pricing.

I would like to thank my friends and colleagues William Waterhouse (1931-2007) and Henry Skolnick. They have both encouraged me to begin this venture and have inspired me by their own significant contributions to our repertoire. Kevin Lavine and Craig Parker also deserve my heartfelt gratitude; they have been extraordinarily helpful in suggesting publication projects and obtaining materials for me.

PLEASE NOTE: We are now adding a $10.00 shipping charge for orders outside the United States and Canada. You will not be billed for your order until after it has been mailed, and then the shipping charge will reflect the actual amount.